Build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter

"After many years of working in technology management and teaching, we like having the time to be able to give back to the community and to help others realize the dream of home ownership. Owning your own home and being able to do what you want with YOUR home is a very empowering feeling. It connects you to your community and your family in a special way. Each day that we come home from a hard day of Habitat for Humanity work, we feel the blessing of having been able to share our gifts with others.

We know how difficult it is to save enough money to buy a house. We were able to buy an inexpensive house and put many hours of sweat equity into updating it to enable us to trade up. It was a great learning experience that we have used throughout our lives. Over the years, we have remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, painted houses inside and out, built decks, landscaped and done just about every kind of home maintenance there is. Being able to leverage all of that experience and learn more about the building process is one of the reasons we love working on Habitat for Humanity houses.

Habitat for Humanity has been a wonderful outlet for us to give back to the community and to help families in need. We can’t imagine a more rewarding and enjoyable way to spend our time in retirement." -Tom Miller

"I’ve been working with Habitat for Humanity for 5 years. I started by calling up Sherri Ott and asking what I could do to help out, since we’d recently moved to the Upper County. I eventually ended up working at the new Store space for about a year, about once a week and a 60 mile roundtrip drive. I helped finish the conference room, bathroom, office space, storage space, garage door vestibule, and a number of other small projects.

I’ve worked on 6 houses for Habitat - one in Kittitas, 2 in Ellensburg, one in Cle Elum, and 2 in Sunlight Waters. Recently, I’ve been helping out by organizing a crew of really great guys from Suncadia to work at the Sunlight Waters sites on mid-week days.

I have really enjoyed working on the different Habitat projects over the years. I had enjoyed working with my hands on building projects at the different houses we lived in over the years, and the projects were/are so much different than the software development I did for almost 40 years. I’ve remodeled rooms, added decks, and built a small shop for my cars and tools. My Dad helped myself and 3 brothers get involved in hands on building and remodeling over the years he was with us. I’d seen TV programs over the years about other Habitat projects all over the US, and had wanted to get involved. But had to wait until I had the “extra” time to be able to volunteer.

I enjoy my time with the other volunteers, I learn something new every day I work at a house. Yeah, we make mistakes from time to time. And when looking at a project, there are usually 4 different approaches from 3 different people, but its been fun working through all the different thoughts! The camaraderie of the other people is very fun for me.

My wife, Debbie, has worked on several different committees for fund raising projects. But, mostly it is her support that I appreciate. For her, she can tell its been a good day when I get home tired, dehydrated, very dusty, but with a big smile on my face. Maybe not so good when UPS shows up with yet another package from Amazon with more tools in it." -Steve Dowd

volunteer stories:

​​“When I was employed it seemed I never had the time to commit to getting more involved with charitable organizations, like Habitat, other than the occasional event organized through my employer, Boeing. When we made the decision to build our home in Suncadia and move here full time after I retired, the hope was to become more involved in volunteer opportunities in the local community. One organization that always intrigued me was Habitat for Humanity and I was pleased to find a group of residents within Suncadia that were already volunteering. We have a great group that works well together and knows how to make the time spent on the job site fun. It is a great feeling at the end of the day on the job site where we can see our little bit of effort has made a real difference. “
-Gordon Miller