Application process

  1. Application Review: Review the application to become a partner family with Habitat for Humanity. If you feel you may qualify, you can start collecting the required documents for your application. You can either print  a copy from our website or pick one up at the office, 307 S Main St, Ellensburg.

  2. Attend An Orientation Meeting:We typically hold 1-2 orientation meetings a year prior to making a family selection. All interested applicants will be notified and must attend in order to have a complete application. This orientation will provide applicants an overview of Habitat for Humanity, give you details on the application process, and a provide final application check to ensure completion. 

  3. Review of Completed Applications: The family selection committee is required to verify all information provided in the application is accurate and that you meet all the qualifications. We will complete credit and background checks as well as employment verification.  

  4. Home Visits:The family selection committee will make home visits to the top qualified applicants. The purpose of this is to verify applicants need for housing and to get to know each family better.

  5. Board Approval: Finalist applicants will be presented to the Board of Directors for final approval. If you are not selected, you will be notified by mail and encouraged to apply again during the next cycle. 

  6. Partnership Stage: As a selected partner family you will be committed to 350-500 hours of sweat equity labor on your home, the homes of others, homeowner education classes, and other special events and fundraisers. Partner families can start this stage immediately upon selection. 

  7. Building Stage: As your home is being built, you will be expected to be completing your sweat equity hours. Building times are affected by many factors and can take between nine months to two years. Patience is key during this process.

Please be sure to complete as much of the application as possible and bring it with you to the orientation meeting!

Any further questions can be answered at

509-962-5058, by stopping in the office, or by emailing

Apply today!

See the attached application for information on qualifications.

Partnering With Habitat

Build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter

Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity provides the opportunity for hardworking individuals and families living in Kittitas County to become successful homeowners. 

We at Habitat for Humanity have seen firsthand how critical housing is to families and to communities. We realize that when we build structures, we are also building dignity, hope and opportunity. It is about helping families lift themselves out of poverty to become self-sufficient. Our efforts help people realize improvements in health, education outcomes and employment, and we have been instrumental in revitalizing our community and changing policies and systems that hinder access to adequate shelter. At its core, Habitat is also about giving meaning to volunteers and supporters as well as our homeowner (partner) families.

Below you will find a description of the selection process. If you qualify and feel this process might be right for you, please submit an application and we will contact you with any further information!